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About Us

Radisson Property is an established, trusted, family-owned and operated business. We understand all aspects of the Property Industry. Radisson Property treats everyone with respect. We have solid morals and ethics, displaying our integrity throughout all aspects of our work.

We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our clients by actively listening, understanding their needs and delivering.

Mission Statement and Values

Radisson Property

The mission of Radisson Property is to provide advice, expertise and guidance to our diverse client base that will enable them to make better-informed decisions on their current and future property Portfolio.

We at Radisson Property treat everyone with respect. Radisson Property has solid morals and ethics, showing our integrity in all aspects of the works that we carry out. We deliver strong moral principles in achieving the best results. We demonstrate integrity by being dependable and following through on all commitments. We also pride ourselves on open and honest communication.

Radisson Property

Who we are

Phillip Nutbean is an experienced National Property Manager and Licensed Real Estate Agent. He has a profound knowledge of the property industry. Phillip has a strong understanding of the dynamics required to deliver superior financial outcomes and growth strategies in managing National Property portfolios. Over the years, Phillip has developed strong working relationships with all major and independent Landlords and Developers. He also has extensive knowledge of all Metropolitan and Regional locations in Australia and New Zealand.

Caroline Nutbean has been in Commercial Property for six years. She started at Radisson Property as a Lease Administrator then moved into Leasing 12 months later. She was contracted by Shopping Centres Australia as a Leasing Executive for their assets in Victoria for five years. Through this experience, she has developed a strong work ethic and client base. She is understanding and will take the time to sit down and talk you through any queries you may have.

Phillip Nutbean

Caroline Nutbean